Lifetime Warranty

Wilmington Collision Center wants you to know that we stand behind our word with a written lifetime warranty. Each customer receives the warranty as written below.


Wilmington Collision Center

Lifetime Warranty


Wilmington Collision Center provides this lifetime warranty on all repairs relating to the current loss. It will apply to all items originally estimated – for as long as you own the vehicle. This warranty shall cover defects occurring under normal conditions. Damage caused by accidents, negligence, abuse, misuse, exposure to elements, or paint chipped by driving conditions shall not be covered under the scope of this warranty. Other exclusions include: sublet work as listed on the repair order, tires, batteries, mechanical parts, oils, and air conditioning; however, these items may be covered by the respected manufacturer’s warranties.

Wilmington Collision Center warrants its paint for the life of the vehicle against: cracking, loss of gloss caused by hazing, chalking or fading, peeling and blistering caused by moisture, provided the refinishing is done over original undamaged factory finishes or over original equipment manufacturer replacement parts. Rust related repairs or conditions shall not be covered. Stone chips will not be covered.

It is understood that all repairs will conform to generally accepted industry standards in use at the time your repairs are performed. Wilmington Collision Center reserves the right to correct any problem found with the repair, before paying another repair facility to correct or replace any items found to be inferior in quality or workmanship.

Wilmington Collision Center will pay to correct or replace any item found to be inferior in quality or workmanship at no cost to you, our valued customer. Should any questions arise concerning this warranty, Wilmington Collision Center will need to be informed of the nature of the concern, so it may be corrected. In the event of a claim this warranty must be presented with a copy of the corresponding repair order. No warranty work will be performed prior to a review by our management team.

Wilmington Collision Center shall not be responsible for loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, towing, rental, lodging or loss of business, or any other incidental or consequential damages.


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